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What we do

The Staple Hall Group can offer insurance solutions worldwide, including in Europe via our Milan based subsidiary, Staple Hall Europe.

We underwrite, place and manage Binding Authorities for brokers, and offer a comprehensive Open Market placement service.

Our Underwriting Authority means we can make quick decisions with no referral up the chain. We can also work with brokers to set up and manage their own binding authorities, and we offer a comprehensive open market placement service.

Our services


We have a highly experienced team of in-house underwriters. We make the decisions and we get a response to you within 24 hours.
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Binding Authorities

If you have an existing Binding Authority we can manage it for you, find new capacity and help you grow it.
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Open Market Broking

If you have a risk that is outside of our Authority or underwriting appetite, we will meet with underwriters and get a quote.
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