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Kidnap & Ransom

It has never been more relevant for corporations and individuals to have full analysis and assessment of the threats to which they may be exposed and to select the appropriate insurance cover and support should they be faced with such a situation.

Staple Hall’s highly experienced Kidnap & Ransom team provides clients with a confidential and efficient service where their needs are our primary focus. Through the key insurance markets and dedicated response companies, we consistently source the optimum cover solution for each client, which more than meets the statutory duty of care placed on corporations.

Our team has almost fifty years operational experience and one of the largest portfolios of kidnap and ransom business in the London Market. We have successfully settled over 250 cases worldwide and we are the only MGA with a full binding authority in the London Market to place risks up to USD 25,000,000.

We have the capability to turn around business from initial contact to policy issuance within 48 hours.

Kidnap & Ransom
Political repatriation
Products extortion
Personal accident
Access to specialist security advice
Death, loss of sight, loss of a limb, loss of an extremity, permanent total disablement
In the event of a loss, cover includes access to a dedicated specialist response company free of charge


  • Fully meets the statutory duty of care that must be demonstrated by an organisation towards its employees
  • Enables organisations to ensure that they are doing their utmost to recover and rehabilitate the individual
  • Provides balance sheet protection
  • Enables business continuity


  • In the event of a loss, the family have free access to a dedicated response team and expert assistance
  • Family asset protection
  • A “no ransom”, specialist security fees and advice policy only is available

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